Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

who's the leader of "Why.....but why??"

Hi Everyone is there night? why i say night? because it's night in here!!

So you don't know my name,Huh? my name is Muhammad Akbar Fisabilillah!!.....now you know me so let us be a friend!! if you want just Follow my blog Why?? because if you don't follow my blog you can't go to my blog again actually not like that but it's to hard to find my blog!!

Do you know what i'm post later?? no? why no? of course no!! later i will post all about sport,games,Pc,cheat,etc why i posting that?? cause my blog is about science about the world!! that's why i make a name to this blog why...but why?? it's because i want all of you know anything!! why? because i like to share science!!

So maybe you can introduce yourself with comment down here!! you must introduce yourself here because i already introduce myself!!

ok everyone nice to meet you!! you can search my blog again in here , here or here!!

okay everyone good bye....!!

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