Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Cheat Gta san andreas Ps2/PcWith game shark

Hi guys Cheat Gta san andreas ps2 is easy to know!! and see this is my cheat

For Code Go to Here

For game Shark Here

GameShark Game Codes with Media Player (easy huh!)
[M] Must Be On
760CF590 00000000
98495ACF 789CFB15

Infinite Ammo:
76043BC0 00000000
280948CF 0CA57A65
28094888 0CA57A65
28091340 0CA57A65
280913E6 0CA57A65

Don't Lose Weapons When Busted/Wasted:
760E6D90 00000000
2803A976 F8AA7AF1
2803A964 0CA57A65

Never Be Busted:
760C0960 00000000
285C72A0 F8AA7AF1
285C7288 0CA57A65

Infinite Health:
760EC5C0 00000000
283CE3F7 6413F97C

760A6500 00000000
283095B1 643AF9D6

7603A880 00000000
086AA9A5 0CA57A56

76082120 00000000
28305174 DB137AAE

Mission Time
760251C0 00000000
283386FF 0CA57A65

Max Money:
76058D50 00000000
286ABA68 B46AC23E
286ABAD6 B46AC23E

Cars Take No Damage:
7603C4D0 00000000
280ED80C F8AA7AF1
280ED872 0CA57A65

Godfather Status:
760D3950 00000000
289A85A9 1CD1A03E
(View Player Stats)

Bike Skill:
760A7EC0 00000000
289A3D93 0CA5E485

Cycling Skill:
760FCC40 00000000
289A3DE9 0CA5E485

Times Scored With a Girl:
760A1FC0 00000000
289A856D 0CA5E485

Girls Dated:
760633D0 00000000
289A85D6 0CA5E485

Successful Dates:
76052A80 00000000
289A851E 0CA5E485

Current Girlfriends:
7600FF70 00000000
289A857C 0CA5E485

Girls Dumped:
76082AB0 00000000
289A8568 0CA5E485

Prostitutes Visited:
760633D0 00000000
289A85D6 0CA5E485

Meals Eaten:
76049590 00000000
289A8576 0CA5E485

No Fat:
7605EA10 00000000
289A0668 0CA57A65

Never Drowned:
76039C30 00000000
289A8582 0CA57A65

Wanted Level Always:

76035A60 00000000
283D97D4 65D07A65

76075830 00000000
283D97D4 65D07AE8

76077930 00000000
283D97D4 65D07AF9

760584E0 00000000
283D97D4 65D0859D

7607D550 00000000
283D97D4 65D0525A

76023170 00000000
283D97D4 65D0E7AF

760FA4C0 00000000
283D97D4 65D04362

7608A780 00000000
289A3DAE 0CA5E485

Thank you

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