Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

How To Bug At Crossfire

hi guys !! Bug crossfire is not to easy!! ok i will tell you how maybe Port HM/ZM ok

1. Go to Box!! and press Ctrl + W S W S W S  Fast!! if you drop down release Ctrl!!
2.Go to Box Look at sky and press W+S maybe 4 Second and press Space + Ctrl If You Reach the maximum jump release Ctrl Remember"you must see sky" (you Must Close with a High Box)  
3. Now it's in 13 Th Zone bug is easy Press W+S then release W and crtl + Jump then release Ctrl (This Bug Only For 13Th Zone , And You must inside Room)

Thank you everyone and Good luck!!!! 

Tips: If you see Cf_client_Error like that please Exit the Room Then Start again!!

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