Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Hack Ninja saga Work 100% ( July )

Yo Guys What's up, do you want to read my post? OK i will show you my post it's about Ninja Saga cheat and this cheat Work 100% Tested by me Today!! This cheat using fiddler so if you doesn't have fiddler i will Give You The cheat!!

Here the link 
Download (fiddler)
Download (SWF File)

After you download that cheat now is how to use that cheat Ok this is how 
1. Open fiddler
2. click tab auto responder (Icon Lighting Green)
3.Tick The Box (Enable Automatic Responses) and permit passthrough for unmatched request
4.Drop The SWF file to the Box Auto Responder
5. then clean the chace
6. go to ninja saga 
7. choose your character then go to shop and choose buy!!

Happy Cheating!!

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